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Commercial Plumbing

Prime Plumbing Services, Inc provides scheduled plumbing service and around the clock emergency plumbing service, 7 days a week. call us 24/7: 224-213-7108


We are licensed to perform plumbing work throughout Illinois, including the City of Chicago.


  • Sink, Disposal, Fixture Maintenance

  • Shower Repair, Installation, Maintenance

  • Toilet Repair, Installation, Maintenance

  • Complete Rough-In & Trim Plumbing

  • Drain Cleaning & Inspection

  •  Installation, Maintenance

  •  Yearly Maintenance & Inspection

  •  Exterior Spigot Repair & Installation

  • Gas Piping

  • Compressed Air Piping

  • Water Heater Maintenance & Installation

  • Frozen Water Line Repair

  • Flood Control Systems

  •  Sump Pumps, Ejector Pumps

  • Battery Back-Up Pumps

  • Video Camera Sewer Inspection

  • Backflow Preventers

  • Roof Drains

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